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Don’t bother with call centres and automated phone lines! Through the eVan’s system you can look after your whole policy on line – No waiting and no long telephone calls, plus the ability to make instant changes to your policy whenever you need to – day or night.

You’re a van owner and you want a policy tailored to you? Why not join the growing number of policy holders who have found the right insurance for them and their vans?

Standard Quote – eVan Annual Cover

Get a quote within minutes – the eVan quote screen is designed to be as simple and fast to fill in as possible, saving you time and hassle.
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Pay As You Go Quote – eVan Monthly Cover

For those not looking for an annual policy, this is a great option, providing monthly cover which can be rolled forward or cancelled at any time. A renewal notice is forwarded before monthly expiry and if you want the policy to continue for another month, it is renewed automatically and the premium for the next month charged.

  • Cover for up to 4 drivers on 4 seperate vehicles at low rates.
  • Earn 1 year’s No Claims Discount for every 8 months’ of claim free cover.
  • Maximum No Claims Discount guaranteed for life.
  • Guaranteed cost of monthly premium for 8 months providing no changes are made.

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Features & Benefits

  • No Claims Bonus Guarantee
  • No Claims Bonus Accelerator
  • Free European Use
  • Up to 4 vans
  • Breakdown recovery included
  • Legal Expenses


How To Protect Your Van

Learning how to protect your van with immobilisers, trackers and alarms will potentially lower your insurance premium, so it’s well worth increasing the security measures on your vehicle to this end.

An alarm is an effective deterrent to criminals, and will protect your van and its contents, such as your stereo and tools. An immobiliser prevents thieves from starting your van, thereby making it almost impossible to steal, but it doesn’t stop them from breaking in and stealing its contents.

A tracker will ensure that your van is more likely to be recovered if it’s stolen, because in the UK police can follow the tracker to locate the stolen vehicle. A secure overnight parking area is also a good idea, because if you park your van in a garage or driveway, it is considered to be far safer than parking it on the side of the road.

If you travel, you can fit various security measures to lessen the risk of your van being broken into while it’s parked outside a B&B, such as a deadbolt, an armaplate lock cover, a van box or bulkhead, and a slam lock will secure it if you leave it for a short time.