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How To Protect Your Car

It’s good to know how to protect your car from criminals and vandals, as this will potentially lower your insurance premiums.

When parking your car, never leave anything visible that might tempt a thief to break in, and at night try to park in a well-lighted, open place. Always use an attended car park, where possible, and buy a steering wheel lock. It may be a hassle to fit each time, but with regular use it becomes as automatic as clipping on your seat belt.

Invest in other security devices such as alarms, immobilisers or locking wheel nuts, which will all potentially lower your insurance premiums. These may be standard on a new car, but older vehicles require them to be fitted, and insurers may even demand it. To make your car less attractive to potential car-jackers, have your vehicle registration number etched onto the windows and headlamps, also your car stereo.

Finally, remember that key security is vital! Don’t forget to lock your car, and don’t be careless with your keys. If you leave them on the hall table they could be ‘fished’ through the letterbox, or picked up if you leave them lying around in pubs or restaurants.